Risu or Risias

The Risu Dress* from Sofilantjes. I fell immediately in love with this dress when I first saw it. It is so stylish! It took some time before I finally started sewing it, but I did. Although I like the skirt of the Risu, I thought that the skirt of the Ferias would be a good match too with the Risu bodice. And I expected that this combination would be nice on Miss SieBe. So I created the Risias. What do you think, was I right?

She loves the dress. Despite blue isn’t her favorite color anymore, she still likes it for clothes. I am happy with that because it looks good on her, with her blue eyes, which she is hiding now behind her sunglasses.

The back is eye-catching, but also the front neckline is special! Love those details. I made the dress with short sleeves, but it also has 3/4 and long sleees as option.

I love that almost all Sofilantjes dresses allow to exchange the skirts. I would love to try out the Risu skirt too, perhaps combined with the bodice of another dress. I might choose for Ferias, and combine it the other way around, but I might decide otherwise. We’ll see. Suggestions and inspirational pics are always welcome.

Find the Risu here in (click on your language of preference): Dutch*, English*, French*.

Risu is now on sale, as is the Montis*. I’ve made a Montis last year, and I might make one this year also. Or combine its bodice with the Risu skirt. We’ll see. 😉

I hope you will enjoy the pattern and I would love to see how you combine the bodice or the skirt with those of other Sofilantjes dresses! You are always welcome to follow me on Instagram (@siebesew), or to subscribe to my blog below!

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See and watch Videre’s back with a special touch

Did you see it? Videre * is the newest summer dress from Sofilantjes. Again a pattern with a lovely Latin name that makes us wonder why this pattern has been named this way. Videre means ‘to see’. If you didn’t study Latin in school, think of the word ‘video’ that is derived from this Latin word. Ok, enough language talk for now, this blog is about sewing.

Videre is a stylish summer dress with two options for the back: a simple back option, or a back option with an opening. The opening on the back has the shape of an eye, so perhaps that is why this name has been chosen.

I sewed three Videre dresses for Miss SieBe during the test, two with the open back, and one with the closed back. Before I applied to test this dress, I asked Miss SieBe if she liked the design and if so what her favorite option was. I didn’t expect it, but it was the open version. She was lucky that this version was assigned to me. But since I don’t like to sew the same thing over and over again, and I like some variation in her wardrobe, I also made the other version.

For the final version I sewed a matching Aura Bolero,* so she doesn’t have to wait until the summer before she can wear her Videre. That would have been too hard for her, because she loves it. After we took the pictures, she didn’t want to take it off, and the next day she wore this dress again. I think that says it all.

Oh, and if you think: I need this dress for myself also, well, that’s possible, because the pattern has released in adult sizes* too.

The Videre Dress release sale will run through June 1 00.00 CET (May 31, 6 pm CET). The pattern is available in three languages:

Dutch – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/videre-jurk-kind-nederlands/?affiliates=280 *

English – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/videre-dress-child-english/?affiliates=280 *

French – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/robe-videre-filles-francais/?affiliates= 280 *

I hope you will enjoy the pattern and that the summer will give enough opportunities to wear this lovely dress! You are always welcome to follow me on Instagram (@siebesew), or to subscribe to my blog below!

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Amicis: A friendly fitting pattern

Sofilantjes* released a new pattern, well, not totally new, since this pattern already exists in children’s sizes*, but now the Amicis* is available for adults too! I got the chance to sew this great pattern before the release. I sewed two up until now, but will show only the first one, since I don’t have pics yet of the second one. Something with a child that hides important notions on top of a high mirror… yes, he is only three years old. Fortunately, the five-year-old told me where it was after I asked, and after I searched a whole evening.

Back to the Amicis. This pattern comes in four lengths: top, tunic, knee length dress, and midi dress. Three sleeve lengths are featured: short, half, and long, all cuffed. I have first made the top length with short sleeves, looking forward to warmer temperatures. The back has a center seam for optimal fit, because this pattern is meant to be fitted to the body. This might sound scary when you rather hide certain parts of your body, but I must say that the pattern still is very friendly: It doesn’t hide everything, but it shows bodies in all sizes in a beautiful way. Perhaps that’s where the name comes from: Amicis comes from the Latin word amicus, which means friend. Look at the pictures on the website* and in the Sofilantjes Sew and Show group on Facebook to see how flattering it is

Of course, as with all patterns, but maybe even a little bit more with this one, it is important to measure meticulously and adapt the pattern according to your measurements. This is all explained in the instructions. My measurements fall in three different sizes, the largest being three sizes bigger than the smallest, and I had to do a FBA, so I had quite some work at this point. But once you have the right pattern, you can use it over and over again. That’s a good thing with this pattern, because it is absolutely a wardrobe staple for all seasons!

I already told that the back center seam is helpful for the best fit and, therefore, I wouldn’t want to miss it. However, it is impossible to match most motives on fabrics. I don’t really like that, so I tend to use solids or fabrics with rather small motives for patterns with a back center seam, but I found another ‘solution’: a band to hide the seam and the uneven matching sides. It not only hides, but also adds a nice little extra detail.

That’s it for now I think. As I told, I have made a second one. And …. a matching one for Miss SieBe! Hope to post about those dresses soon! Stay tuned!

The release sale will run through May 11, 00.00 CET (6 pm CET). The pattern is on sale for €6,50 – excl taxes, no code needed.

Dutch: https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/amicis-top-tuniek-en-jurk-volwassen-nederlands/?affiliates=280 *

English: https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/amicis-top-tunic-and-dress-adult-english/?affiliates=280 *

French: https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/haut-tunique-et-robe-amicis-pour-femmes-francais/?affiliates=280 *

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Fabiën: A new jumpsuit for the little ones

Sofilantjes* released a new baby pattern: The Fabiën Jumpsuit*. This is the second jumpsuit from Sofilantjes. The other one is Stella*, about which I wrote in this and this post. It will be hard for any new jumpsuit to beat the enormous popularity and reputation of Stella, but I think Fabiën is a good competitor! At first, I thought I would not write a blog post about it, because I didn’t test it on a model, but now I decided it is too cute not to pay attention to it here.

The most obvious difference between the two jumpsuit patterns is the closure and neckline. Fabiën has a binded neckline, and an asymmetrical binded snap closure from the top until the legband, where Stella closes in the center front with snaps, and has a neckband. Another difference is the short sleeve option that Fabiën has. That’s the one I made. The longsleeve option has bands as well.

I can’t say anything about the fit myself, but the examples from other testers show that it fits very well. The ‘egg part’ at the bottom helps to give it a nice fit, and the bands keep the sleeves and legs well in place. I doubted to sew one for Little Mr SieBe, because he still fits in the size range (NB – 2T / 50 – 92) and it would make very cute pajamas. In the ended I decided not to do it, because it would not be very practical, since he doesn’t wear diapers anymore. So I chose to make a small size (3M / 62) as a baby gift.

It might look like it is hard to sew, but it isn’t. Once the binding is on, it is a very quick sew. If you’re lucky enough to have a coverstitch machine with a binding attachment, it is even more simple, I heared. But I am still saving for that! The most time consuming part were the snaps! I am not a big fan of attaching snaps, but I have to admit, they are essential on baby clothes, and easy to use.

The pattern comes in three languages and is on sale this weekend (-43%!), so this is the time to get it:

Nederlands – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/fabien-jumpsuit-nederlands/?affiliates=280 *

English – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/fabien-jumpsuit-english/?affiliates=280 *

French – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product-category/baby-pdf/pdf-francais/?affiliates=280 *

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Flora Flared Pants

How shall I start this post? What can I say? The Flora Flared Pants* is just: wow! It released together with the Stricta Skinny Jogger* (see my previous post!) from Sofilantjes*. I helped in the test of this one as well. I have made two Flora’s thus far. The only reason I didn’t make more is a lack of time; Miss SieBe has already ordered her next one.

Of course, I will tell you eveything about all the options of the Flora in this post. And I will show my pictures, because pictures tell more than words can do :). BUT, there is a little problem. I did not yet take pics of one of the two Flora’s. That’s a pity, but I will take and add them asap. So, just come back later today. I have only flat lays of one of the Flora’s, since Miss SieBe is not feeling well, and doesn’t feel like posing. I hope to make and add them later.

The Flora has two main options: the flared version, and the bootcut version, which I made both. It has optional front pockets, and a faux fly, a normal and a button waistband, high and low yoke, and two backpocket options, which also can be combined. The pattern includes pattern parts for pocket facing and belt loops as an add-on. In the tip section in the instructions more variations on the pattern can be found.

To my surprise Miss SieBe prefered the flared version from the start. She told that some of her friends in school have flared pants too. So that’s the one I made first.

For the second one, I didn’t ask her opinion first, but just made the bootcut version. The fabric I used wasn’t enough for the flared one, so there was no discussion anyway. Fortunately, she liked that one too! I made it out of stretch denim fabric. It was kind of an experiment in the test, since the pattern is originally drafted for French Terry, but it worked out well! Important is, when choosing this type of fabric, that it has enough stretch. The required amount is at least 30%.

I chose for stretch jeans because Miss SieBe didn’t have a single pair of jeans anymore that still fitted. That’s probably because I didn’t buy her any pants anymore since I make almost all her clothes, and I didn’t dare to start on a pair of jeans for her. When I made a pair of jeans for Little Mr SieBe, I found out how much work that is, and that my sewing machine wasn’t very happy with thick layers of denim fabric. This experience was different, because the Flora isn’t as complicated as a regular jeans, and my fabric wasn’t as thick. An elastic waistband and faux fly are a lot easier than the way classic jeans are constructed. So I think this will be my to go pattern for jeans for her from now on. I might make her another one soon, or later this year, when temperatures will drop again.

I have made the fake backpockets with a button. I chose the high yoke, and for the front pockets I used the facing, instead of topstitching the pocket to the pants. I used a decorative stich on a few parts, and added belt loops.

I combined the Flora with the Gemma* Top, which I made already back in September. It had to wait months for the hem, and the matching skirt I planned to sew, still isn’t there. I am glad that I found a new purpose for it, before she would outgrow it. The rainbow is my very first screen print. I will write about screen printing in one of my following blogs.

The other Flora is the flaired version. I combined it with the Permeo* Shirt, that I hacked to have a round neckline. A very simple and quick shirt, because the Flora is the eye-catcher!

I chose the same backpockets as on the other Flora, because they are simply my favorite! I made regular front pockets, the faux fly, and the normal waistband.

The Flora Flared Pants is on sale until March 22, 8.00 CET for EUR 5,51 ex taxes. So only for a short time still! The pattern is available in three languages.

English – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/flora-flared-pants-english/?affiliates=280 *

Nederlands – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/flora-flared-broek-nederlands/?affiliates=280 *

Français – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/pantalon-a-jambe-evasee-flora-francais/?affiliates=280 *

I hope you will enjoy this pattern as much as we do! You are always welcome to follow me on Instagram (@siebesew), or to subscribe to my blog!

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Stricta: Not just another Skinny Jogger

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A new release from Sofilantjes*: the Stricta Skinny Jogger*! It released together with the Flora Flared Pants*. Two new pants patterns with lots of options. Enough for a wardrobe full of varied pants. In this post I will tell about the Stricta. My next blog post, about the Flora, will follow soon after this one, so stay tuned!

Up until now, I have made five Stricta’s. Four for Little Mr SieBe, and one for Miss SieBe. I will show three of them and a detail of a fourth, the second I made. I didn’t make all the options, but I love the options that are included in the pattern. The pattern has two, actually three, length options: long, 7/8, and 3/4 as add-on option. I have made only long ones. Eventually, they might become 7/8 after a while ;). Other options I didn’t make are the split and zipper.

I will start showing the joggers I made Little Mr SieBe. I chose for a jeans look French Terry in ochre/yellow I bought from Hip & Eigenwijs. I made front pockets, the faux fly, a color block backpocket, and yoga waistband. Last but not least, I used the bikerparts from the tip section. These were added in a later stage of the test as an extra present from the designer. So cool! Love this option so much!

I made pintucks on the bikerparts, and also on one part of the backpocket. I screen printed two very small lightnings. These extra details match the lightning in the Potens Sweater*, which I hacked to add a hood. Little Mr SieBe asked for it. He is really into hoods these days! The also asked for two pockets, but I decided that the pockets in his Stricta should be enough for now.

Did you see the front pockets above?

This is such a fun detail of this pattern with the two crossing bands. I like the look of two different colors for these bands, which I chose for on my first two Stricta’s.

I just have to show this.

Before the yellow Stricta, I made a grey one, also in jeans look French Terry (which I bought from Senza Limits), and with bikerparts. Also for this one I made pintucks on the bikerparts. The bikerparts are a little different from the ones that are part of the final pattern, but cool as well! And the fit is just like in the final pattern, so this one is absolutely worth showing. I made an Omni Tempore* (currently in the sale!) for him to wear on this Stricta.

I made this one with pocket facing, instead of topstiching the pocket to the pants. This didn’t work out very well without the bands, we found out as testers, so I stiched it partly to the jogger. That’s fine for this one, but I won’t use the facing without. To resemble the bikerparts, I added some pintucks to the back pocket as well. This one has a regular waistband.

After two and a detail that I showed already, we’ve come to the last Stricta that I will show in this blog. The one I made for Miss SieBe. This is a plain one, without front pockets. I added the backpockets of the Flora Flared Pants. Nice to know: most backpockets from the Sofilantjes pants patterns can be exchanged!

I used a bengaline stretch fabric (from Textielstad) for this one. I complemented it with a Nivalis* tunic. The stricta is definitely not a legging, but can very well be combined with tunics. Inside it is all black and white, when the sun shines many colors will pop up on the tunic.

Ok, I think I have showed and told enough about Stricta. Now it is your turn to start sewing. The pattern is available in three languages. It is on sale until March 22, 8.00 CET for EUR 5,51 ex taxes.

English – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/stricta-skinny-jogger-english/?affiliates=280 *

Nederlands – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/stricta-skinny-jogger-nederlands/?affiliates=280 *

Français – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/pantalon-de-sport-skinny-stricta-francais/?affiliates=280 *

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Going raglan with the Potens Sweater

NB: Edited to change pictures of the option C sweater of Little Mr SieBe.

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A new pattern released from Sofilantjes*, and it is a raglan: the Potens Sweater*! When I saw the tester call I didn’t hesitate and immediately applied. I was very happy that I was chosen to test this pattern, not in the last place because I love raglans! That is not because they are easy to sew, but because they are great to colorblock the sleeves, without risking a pajama look. Speaking of colorblocking, this pattern is MADE for colorblocking, since there are no less than four front bodice options! Perfect for small scraps, mixing and matching fabric, and going creative. The colorblock option on the longsleeve makes its possibilities to vary complete.

For the first test round I was assigned option D, the most complicated one with the lightning. This is also my favorite for Little Mr SieBe. For the second version I liked to make option C for variation. A lightning top is great, but you don’t need to wear one every day. 😉 It makes a nice combination with his Clavo jogger*.

For the final version I made him again an option D. I thought it would be nice to do one regular longsleeve and one colorblocked, for an extra accent.

I thought it would be nice to make Miss SieBe a Potens Sweater as well. She didn’t like option D, so I made her an option C in the same blue color as her brothers sweater, but with different accent colors: her favorite colors red and pink. Isn’t it fun, that thus far I only used solids? The pattern doesn’t need special fabric for a special effect.

I made pictures last weekend, when it snowed. A perfect setting for photographing, but unfortunately the children didn’t like the cold. Especially the youngest could not be motivated to smile.

He only wanted to go inside again as quickly as possible. So that is what we did. They were much happier. Hot chocolate helped a lot to make them forget the cold. 😊

I am not done yet with this pattern. I already made a version A and have a few more plannend. To complete the collection, I also want to try option B once. Which one are you going to make first?

The pattern is on sale this weekend for €6,50 – excl taxes, no code needed.

Dutch –  https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/potens-sweater-nederlands/?affiliates=280 *

English – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/potens-sweater-english/?affiliates=280 *

French – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/haut-potens-francais/?affiliates=280 *

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Clavo: Slim fit jogger with stripe

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A few months after the Cessatio, Sofilantjes* has released a new joggers pattern, again starting with the letter ‘C’: The Clavo*. And again, this pattern is perfect for both boys and girls! I tested this pattern and would like to tell you everything about it. I tested the pattern for Miss SieBe, and made her three, of which I will show two. I made also one for Little Mr SieBe, which I will show as well.

This slim fit jogger has a characteristic side stripe, which can be made in various ways: as a plain stripe, a ruffled stripe, or with an extra, colorblocked stripe on top. It is possible to make the first two in the same fabric or with a different fabric and a colorblock effect. The pattern features optional frontpockets, two backpocket options, the colorblocked pocket and the large pocket. The pattern has an optional faux fly, and, last but not least, many more variations are possible and discussed in the ‘tip’ section of the instructions. In that way, you can make the jogger of your personal preference, just like you and your child like it.

Out of all these options, I made for my daughter first two joggers with the ruffled stripe and colorblocked backpocket, all in the same color though. This is the second one I made her. I combined it with the Amicis* top.

After two Clavo’s with ruffled stripe, I wanted to make her something different, so I chose to make the plain stripe, but with an extra layer of lace on it. I still liked the colorblocked pocket best for her, and, unlike the previous two, I chose to make the jogger with front pockets. As a variation on the pattern, I folded the cuffs. I made Miss SieBe a Sylva* to wear on top in the same color and lace, and with her favorite color pink in it. Last year, blue was still her favorite color, and I still love it for her for clothes. So I think this is a good compromise.

Now comes the Clavo I made Little Mr SieBe. I love that one just as much as the girly ones of Miss SieBe. It shows that the pattern is so versatile, that completely different looks can be created. I made this Clavo from a stretch jeans fabric. Although it is a slim fitting jogger and the pattern is drafted for French Terry with at least 30% stretch, this worked well, because my fabric was very stretchy for stretch jeans. I made the stripe from the same fabric, so it doesn’t stand out, but from close by it is just a nice detail. I made the large backpockets this time. Above his Clavo, Little Mr SieBe wears a Cessim* shirt.

The following pictures show a few details and adjustments I made to this Clavo: I added a button, and did not use the pocket band. Instead, I used framilon in the seam of the front pockets. I did not use the leg cuffs, but lengthened the jogger and folded it over to the outside. And I added decorative stitching on the large backpockets. With all these adjustments, the jogger has a real jeanslook.

All in all, this pattern is versatile and great for both boys and girls. Some more pics of the two together to round off:

The Clavo is on sale until December 21, 08.00 CET for €5,51 – ex taxes, no code needed.

Dutch – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/clavo-slim-fit-jogger-nederlands/?affiliates=280 *
English – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/clavo-slim-fit-jogger-english/?affiliates=280 *
French – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/pantalon-coupe-slim-clavo-francais/?affiliates=280 *

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Cessatio: a new jogger for both boys and girls

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Sofilantjes has released a new pants pattern: the Cessatio jogger.* It has such cool options, that it is hard to choose which to make first. I tested this pattern and made four versions for Little Mr SieBe and two for Miss SieBe up until now. And I already have quite a few ideas for some more pairs.

Here I will present the ones that I made in the final stages of the test, and tell more about the options. I will start with Little Mr SieBe’s Cessatio.

As you can see in the pictures, the Cessatio jogger has a light baggy fit. I used French Terry which is the fabric this pattern is drafted for. This pair has the straight waistband with the optional drawstrings. It has front pockets, and a faux fly, which are both optional as well. I made the bands out of main fabric, but the pattern also has the option to use ribbing for these parts (separate pattern pieces!).

The pattern has two pocket options, but on this pair I chose to use the pocket of the Brevis. The pockets of the Cessatio are easily interchangable with those of the Beatum and the Brevis, so the already many options can even be multiplied!

And, not unimportant, the joggers can be combined with almost all top patterns from Sofilantjes. For Little Mr SieBe I made a matching Velocitas hoodie*.

Now it is time for Miss SieBe to show her Cessatio joggers. For her I chose the girly options the pattern has, and I love the result so much, I would like to have a similar pair for myself.

This pair has a special waistband with a ruffle and a sash. I chose to make front pockets again, and on the back I chose the faux welt pockets. Those seemed intimidating to me at first, so I tried it out on a scrap. It was much easier than I expected, so I am happy I tried, because I love the result!

I love the fit of this pattern. It is somewhat relaxed without becoming too baggy. Of course, if you want it more or less baggy, you can size up or down. I did that with the other pair I made Miss SieBe. Those I made one size larger both in length as in width, because they are meant to be worn as pyjama pants. I used ribbing bands on that one. In that way, they stay at her ancles, so that the extra length doesn’t bother her, but gives her room to grow.

For Miss SieBe, I also used a pattern from Sofilantjes for the matching top: the Otium sweater*. With such an eye-catching pair of pants, the top didn’t need much, so I kept it simple, with a solid red fabric and a nice blue bow detail in the back.

The Cessatio is on sale for €5,50 – excluding taxes, no code needed. Release sale will end October 19, 08.00 CET. It is available in three languages. These are my aff links (thank you!):

DUTCH – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/cessatio-jogger-nederlands/?affiliates=280
ENGLISH – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/cessatio-jogger-english/?affiliates=280
FRENCH – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/pantalon-de-lois…essatio-francais/?affiliates=280

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Going classic with Wesley and Arthur

The Dutch Pattern Farm has released two patterns: the Wesley Shirt and the Arthur Jeans. I tested these patterns, and love the result! It was a challenge, because it was my first try on such patterns. If it wasn’t for a pattern test with a deadline I don’t know if I would have tried the jeans, but I am happy I did and expanded my sewing skills.

Both patterns are designed for denim, but it is also possible to use other fabrics of course. I recycled the old jeans of my husband for the Arthur, and used cotton for the Wesley. I wasn’t the only one who was challenged by Arthur, also my sewing machine had a hard time with alle the layers of jeans, especially when sewing the belt loops. 🙂

Both patterns have lovely classical details: Arthur has everything a classical jeans has: front pockets, back pockets, a coinpocket, a fly, and belt loops. The back waistband has elastic in it, and the pattern includes an optional side pocket, and a knee-length version.

Wesley has a classic collar, long sleeves with a pleat, and cuffs with a slanted cut at the slit. On the front the shirt has yokes, a button closure, and two optional pockets. On the back the shirt has a yoke as well and a pleat in the center.

These are lovely patterns, and perfect for those who are experienced or want to be challenged. The instructions, which include pictures for each step, are really helpful for the latter group.

Needless to say the patterns go well together. Oh, and they are nice for girls as well! The patterns are available on the website of The Dutch Pattern Farm:

Arthur: https://www.thedutchpatternfarm.com/product-page/arthur-jeans
Wesley: https://www.thedutchpatternfarm.com/product-page/wesley-shirt

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