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Welcome to my blog and to my very first blogpost!

My sewing journey started in May 2018 shortly after the birth of Little Mr SieBe, my son. I wanted to make a doll carrier for my daughter, Miss SieBe (born in 2016), so she could imitate me carrying her doll, while I carried her little brother. I realised I had a sewing machine in my closet for about four years which I had not touched until then. Being very creative herself, my mother thought her daughters should have a sewing machine, so she bought us one for Christmas in 2014. When she heared about my plan to try out my sewing machine, she was of course happy to instruct me. With her directions I managed to finish my very first sew. It is the doll carrier of Kiind:


I discovered that sewing was not as hard as I had always thought, being impressed by the nice clothes my best friend and my mother sewed. My previous attempt using a sewing machine, was years earlier when I tried to sew a simple flag for a flag pendulum, but that was kind of a disaster. Therefore, I thought sewing was not for me. Should I have known that sewing was so much fun and not that hard at all, I would definitely have started earlier.

Soon after the doll carrier I made the first clothes for my children and I continued sewing now and then for about a year, each time trying out something new to me, increasing the difficulty step by step. A selection of my work that year:

naaiwerkjaar1I used the following patterns: Longsleeve De Dromenfabriek (adapted: short sleeves), Girls tank top Life Sew Savory,  Kurze Pumphose Lybstes, Knot Bow Romper Coral&Co, Sleeping Bag Kiind, Lena Dress Wisj, Lenkertasche Lybstes, Bean*ee and Snood Nipnaps.

From the end of the summer of 2019 onwards, my sewing hobby got some new impulses. In the first place, my mother borrowed me her serger. Wow, this made sewing so much quicker and the finish so much neater! In the second place, I started to sew clothes for myself as well. I still have to learn a lot, but it is so great to be able to make your own clothes, adjusted to your own sizes and preferences. And in the third place, because I discovered the versatile patterns of Sofilantjes*. These patterns are easy to use because the seam allowance is included and they come with clear instructions. With all their colourblock options, Sofilantjes’ patterns ask for being creative in combining fabrics and enable you to make completely different looks with one and the same pattern. I love that, because I am the kind of person that doesn’t like to make the same thing twice.

livThe Liv skirt

Soon after discovering Sofilantjes through their free pattern the Liv skirt* (free through their Facebook group Sofilantjes Patterns Sew and Show), I got the opportunity to test some of their patterns. That definitely gave another impulse, because sewing now also became more social. I learn and get inspired through testing and I enjoy it very much to be part of the process of the creation of a new pattern. I like to look critically at the details to help to ensure that the pattern does not contain any mistakes when it is released.

The Arcus skirt* was the first pattern I tested. Miss SieBe wears a Regem shirt* above it. Both by Sofilantjes.

These impulses gave a new direction to my sewing journey: I started to sew more often and better and to attempt to make better pictures. I know some of my pictures above are very bad, but they were not made with the intention of sharing them on a blog. 🙂

I am now at a point in my journey that I would like to take others with me, and I would like to do that through this blog. Sewing became so much fun to me that I do not want to keep it all for myself and my family. I hope I can inspire others and share tips and tricks I discover.

I enjoy reading sewing blogs of other seamstresses, so I guess there are people out there that are interested in reading my sewing stories. If you think you might be one of those, you can follow me on instagram (@siebesew), where I will post links to my new blog posts. If you want to make sure that you will not miss anything, you could better subscribe to this blog, so you will automatically receive an email every time I publish a new blog post.

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