Permeo: A new all time favorite

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Sofilantjes* is releasing a new pattern today: the Permeo*. Permeo is a dress and shirt with flared sleeves and three different cross-over options: A. a real cross-over; B. a double faux cross-over; and C. a single faux cross-over. Permeo is Latin for crossing over, so I can’t think of a better name for this pattern!

Sofilantjes wouldn’t be Sofilantjes if it would not have more options to choose from: two sleeve lengths, pockets (for the dress), ties (for option B), and a stripe on the sleeve. During the test, I tried all of these options. I even hacked the pattern to make ‘option D,’ but I will tell more about that in another blog post. For now, I will show you the options that are all included in this pattern.

I was first asked to make an option B shirt with a stripe on the sleeves. It still has some issues on the fit, that’s why patterns are tested, but from the moment I started sewing I loved this pattern! I made a Liv skirt to match the shirt.


After that one, I chose to make again option B, because this is my favorite neckline. The other options I changed: I made a dress, with ties and pockets and without a stripe on the sleeves. My daughter loves this dress and wears it often.

In the next phase of the test, I wanted to try a different option, option C, with the single faux cross-over. My plan was to make a shirt with long sleeves, because she doesn’t have many nice longsleeves, while she has enough dresses. But Miss SieBe didn’t agree. She wanted a dress. So I made her again a dress. πŸ™‚ I made leggings (Bonny Leggings by Made for Mermaids) in the same contrast colour as I used for the dress, as well as a hairband to finish the outfit. Again I added pockets, which are appreciated. πŸ™‚

Because I like the pattern so much, I had to try option A as well. This time I made, like my first Permeo, again a shirt with short sleeves and a stripe. During the test of the Dulce, I had already made a black-and-white Gemini skirt for Miss SieBe to match with a Dulce shirt, so I decided to reuse that skirt and make a matching Permeo. When I looked into my fabric stash, one fabric showed itself to be the right match. It was in a scrap box I bought a few months ago, and I did not like it immediately. However, when I started combining it, I began to like it a little bit. While cutting and sewing, I became more familiar with its print, and when I was finished I really liked it! While I thought about how to finish the outfit, an idea for a scrunchie 2.0 came into my mind: the lettuce scrunchie. I worked it out and wrote a tutorial, which you can find here. With this outfit, Miss SieBe is ready for spring!

What do you think? Isn’t the Permeo a versatile pattern? It is suitable for summer and winter alike, as you can make it out of french terry or a stable regular jersey, and as it has both a long and short sleeves option. I think it is the pattern to go to if you want to make a cross-over shirt or dress for a girl (size range 12m/80 – 14y/164). Cross-over dresses and shirts are favorite by many, and I think they will remain popular. As this pattern gives you no less than three options, I say it will become a new all-time favorite! At least in our house ;).

The pattern is on sale for €5 – ex taxes (€6,05 incl EU taxes) until February 10 08.00 CET. You can follow one the following links:


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In my next blog post I will show how I hacked the pattern to make it suitable for boys as well. Then, I will also show another Permeo I made for Miss SieBe. Here a sneak peek:



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