A present for a doll’s mother

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Last Sunday, we have celebrated the 3rd birthday of my little niece with the whole family. It was a big party with cake, garlands, and, of course, presents. My niece is a real doll’s mother. She cares very well for her little baby boy, takes him everywhere, and always knows where he is. So, what would be a better present for her than a set of new doll clothes? Two sets! So that is what I made her.

My experience in sewing doll clothes was almost non-existent. The only thing I ever made was a skirt for the doll of Miss SieBe, my own daughter. Because she isn’t interested in her doll, and she has never been so much, I have never been interested in sewing dolls clothes. Miss SieBe’s doll can be found anywhere in the house, usually naked. When I ask her where her doll is, Miss SieBe doesn’t remember, because she hasn’t seen her for days or even weeks. And the skirt I made for her doll, she prefers to wear it herself as a hat (no picture, sorry).

I found that there are many dress patterns for dolls, but for a boy doll it was more difficult to find something. I had read several times that you could print a regular children’s pattern size 116 on 50% for a Baby Born doll, however, the doll of my niece is much smaller. It is a Paola Reina doll. I couldn’t find what size to use for a doll of 34 cm, so I had to discover it myself. I used the Regem shirt* and the Free Harem Legging* from Sofilantjes* and printed many sizes of these patterns at a smaller scale and then compared it with a shirt of Miss SieBe’s doll, which has a different body, but is also 34 cm. To make sure the shirt would go over the head, I enlarged the neck opening.

In addition to these patterns, I also used some official doll patterns from the book “Puppenkleidung nähen aus Jersey” by Ina Andresen. The patterns in this book are designed for larger dolls than the doll of my niece. They come in three sizes, from which I used the smallest, without adding seam allowance. I made the Wende-Halstuch (p. 38) to complete the Miffy set, and the Knotenmütze (p. 24) and Sommershorts (p. 22) to go with the Mickey shirt.

The day after the party, my sister sent some pictures of the doll wearing the clothes. It turned out that the Regems and Free Harem Legging were a bit too large, but the doll’s mother likes them, and that’s the most important! When she keeps caring so well for her boy, he might grow into it. 😀 The advantage of larger clothes is that they can easily be taken on and off by small children. The clothes from the dolls pattern book fit well.

I hope that my niece will enjoy the new clothes for her doll. I enjoyed creating these outfits, and learned quite some new things. In the past weeks, I have made quite some larger clothes as well, so these might be the subject of the next blog.

Do you have any questions, advice, remarks, or so? I would love to hear them. You can leave a comment here or send me a message. You can also find me on Instagram: @siebesew.


5 thoughts on “A present for a doll’s mother

  1. Mooi zeg!
    Als babykleding mouwtjes al zo moeilijk onder je naaimachine/ lockmachine te draaien zijn, hoe doe je dit dan wel niet met mini poppenkleertjes?


    1. Dankjewel! De mouwtjes werk ik aan het uiteinde af (met of zonder boordje) onder de lock voordat ik de zijkanten en mouwen dicht maak. Onder de naaimachine zomen ging wel eigenlijk.


    1. Dat weet ik niet zo precies meer. Ik heb het vergeleken met een bestaand shirtje en dan daarvan de breedte en de lengte genomen. Het was ook niet dezelfde breedte als lengte maat (wat bij een jurkje dan weer wat ingewikkelder wordt dan bij een recht shirt natuurlijk). Maar ik dacht dat ik het op 80% had afgedrukt. En dan de kleinste maten. Verder had ik de halslijn nog wat verder uitgediept om er zeker van te zijn dat het hoofd erdoor zou passen. Ik weet niet of je hier iets aan hebt? Ik denk dat het al makkelijker is als je de pop erbij hebt en een goed passend kledingstuk.


      1. Pop afgelopen week aan mijn nichtje gegeven, toen op het oog passend jurkje erbij. Maar ze moet m nog maar eens meenemen als ze komt logeren

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