Ginger Shorts

Last week I have been busy testing the Ginger Shorts from Liola Patterns, an Australian designer. These shorts have fun side pockets, in which kids can carry all their treasures, or they could just put their hands in, like Little Mr SieBe loves to do these days. In the first part of the test, I made only a pair of shorts for Little Mr SieBe, but in the second part, I made two pairs, so that Little Mr SieBe and Miss SieBe could twin.

I thought it would take less time to make two pairs at once, than the one after the other, because I would have to change needles and thread less often. However, since I chose different thread for topstitching of both, it was still quite time consuming. It is possible to sew up this pattern much quicker, when you use the same thread for sewing the seams together and topstitching and do a single row of topstitching, or when you use a coverstitch. And when you leave out the seam trim. Nevertheless, the topstitching and seam trim make the difference in these, otherwise, plain denim shorts, so it was worth the effort.

I do not have much more to tell about the shorts, but I have a bunch of cute pictures, which I would like to share.

As you can see, the shorts are perfect for playing! The pattern is suited for boys and girls alike and comes in sizes 3-6m up to 5. If you like the pattern, you can buy it here.

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