Stella on a toddler

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Here is the promised second post about the Stella jumpsuit, a pattern from Sofilantjes*. In my first post I explained how I made the print continue on both sides of the jumpsuit. Initially, I planned to add just one or two modelled pictures to my first post. Then, I tried to make these pictures, and had to conclude that it didn’t give me the result I wished. It turned out to be impossible to take the photo I wanted. However, it gave me a bunch of other photo’s that I’d like to show.

I dressed Little Mr. SieBe, took my camera, and found him like this:

So, I took him to the place where I wanted to take pics, closed the snaps again, took my photo camera, looked up ready to shoot, and saw:

So I started again, and again, and again, and he kept opening the snaps before I could take a picture. Besides, he had some other tricks to keep me from photographing him in his jumpsuit from the front with closed snaps:

In the end, I gave in, this was the best result I could get…

…until he fell asleep!

I could have known it would’nt be easy. He is in his terrible 2’s after all, so ‘no’ is his favorite word and action. I finished this jumpsuit back in January. Although he was still 1 at that time, he already did the same: opening all the buttons all the time. That’s why we put it away for a while. Unfortunately, he still knows the trick and has grown in between as you can see.

So, despite I love this pattern, and it is really cute on Little Mr. SieBe, I won’t be making another Stella for him any time soon. Luckily, the pattern starts from size NB / 50, so there will be enough opportunities to make it as a gift!

If you don’t have the pattern of the Stella Jumpsuit yet, you can buy it on the website of Sofilantjes in English*, Dutch,* or French*. It comes in sizes 50-92 / NB – 2y.

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I welcome comments, advice on how to photograph a toddler, questions, or what else you have to say!

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