Royal mommy-and-me dresses

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This post was supposed to be published way earlier, but other things got in between, and before you know, it is months later. Nevertheless, since the Regina from Sofilantjes* is an all-time favorite for many, it is still relevant. Yes, this post is about the Regina*! I first heard about this pattern from a friend, when she used it for a birthday dress for her daughter. That was in the time I just started sewing and did not dare to make a dress yet. šŸ˜€

Less than a year later, when I bought my first patterns from Sofilantjes, the Regina* was the first one I selected. I love its characteristic neckline, with gives it its royal look. I made one for Miss SieBe with long sleeves for fall and winter and knew I would make many more in the years to come. It is a pattern that can be used the whole year around with its three sleeve length options. And with several skirt options, there’s enough to vary.

You won’t be surprised that I was very happy when last January, Anne Jacobs, the designer from Sofilantjes, announced that she was working on the Regina in adult sizes*. When the pattern finally released in March, I couldn’t wait to sew one up. My first regina I made in a solid dark blue fabric, with the thought that if it wouldn’t fit properly, I could use the fabric for clothes for the kids, so it won’t be wasted.

However, I didn’t need to cut it in pieces, for I was very happy with the result. Now I am wearing this dress very often, even at the moment of writing this blog. The dress is good friends with the washing machine! I did not have enough fabric for the 3/4 circle skirt AND long sleeves, so I made the half length sleeves with that circle skirt. Now I am happy with that length, for it is perfect for spring and cooler summer days.

I already had a fabric in mind for my second regina, the Zelda design from A Spark of Happiness. When that fabric came in, Miss SieBe, told me she loved it. She was disappointed that it was not for her, so I promised her that when there would be some fabric left, I would make something for her as well.

At that time, I was testing the Anna Apron from The Dutch Pattern Farm and needed a quick dress to match the apron, and this fabric was perfect for that. After calculating, I found out that I had enough for matching regina’s!!! I couldn’t start yet though, because to be completely sure, I wanted to cut out my own dress first, and then the dress for Miss SieBe. And before I could cut out her dress, I wanted to make a muslin for her first as well. I chose the half circle skirt from the add-on. So that was what I started with:

When I found out the fit was right, I immediately continued with the other dress, because I needed it for the final pics of the Anna Apron. Hemming had to wait after I finished our twinning dresses! šŸ˜‰

Soon after the dress for Miss SieBe followed my own dress. For both dresses I chose the gathered skirt with short sleeves. The girls’ regina officially doesn’t have a gathered skirt, but the pleated skirt can also be gathered, so that is what I did. And I am very happy with the result!

I looked for a good occassion to wear our twinning dresses for the first time, and that was Easter (Yes, yes, a while ago). Unfortunately, we didn’t meet any family or friends that day, because of the Covid-19 restrictions, but we had a video-call-breakfast with the family. Though we don’t have a fancy camera on our laptop, they noticed that we were wearing the same dress! On a later occassion, when we could meet my parents again, I asked my father to photograph us. So credits for the pictures are for him!

Pattern: Regina dress and tunic from Sofilantjes. Click here for the aff links*: Kids English, Kids Dutch, Adults English, Adults Dutch, Bundle English, Bundle Dutch. (a French version can also be found on the website).
Fabric: The pink dress with flowers is a coupon I bought from Holland Stoffenhuis; The blue-white fabric of the other dresses is Zelda, from A spark of Happiness.

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