Gemma Twin Set

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Now everywhere, at least in our surroundings, the summer vacation has started, Sofilantjes has released again a new pattern: the Gemma Twin Set. It is a twin set, thus actually two-patterns-in-one! And I got to test this great pattern set of a culotte or skirt and top! Probably you know it, but I had never heard of the term culotte. For the few of you who are like me, I will explain: a culotte is a wide pair of shorts or pants that almost looks like a skirt.

The Gemma twin set is perfect for this time of the year: if you are still completing the summer wardrobe of your child, you can make a nice summer set, or, if your child has enough clothes for the summer already, you can make a fall-proof set with longsleeves and combine it with knee socks, tights, or leggings. Both top and bottoms can be made rather quickly and are not complicated. That’s also a pro in holiday times, when children are around and might keep you from sewing much.

So what ís the Gemma twin set exactly? It is a set of a culotte or skirt and a top. The culotte/skirt comes in two lengths and can be made out of woven or knit fabrics. The top is made from knits, can be made with short or long sleeves and has two hemline options. I have made three sets plus a separate top during the testing period, and Miss SieBe loves to wear them! The first set I made had already a great fit, although the top was slimmed down a bit later on. I didn’t make fancy pics of this one, so don’t look at the quality, but I thought it was too cute to not show it:

I was asked to make the culotte in mini length and combine it with a top with shorts sleeves and the curved hemline. That last detail doesn’t show in the pictures, but was appreciated by Miss SieBe, so she wanted more of those. I used a 100% cotton Efteling fabric for the culotte. Miss SieBe has asked me for quite some time now to make something for her out of this fabric. Because, initially, I didn’t have in mind to use it for clothes, I thought it was a perfect fabric to use for a muslin. She has been lucky, as it came out perfect!

The only option that changed in the second set was the hemline: this top has a regular straight hemline, but again it is not visible in the pics, as I prefer the look with the shirt in the culotte.

Again, the culotte is made out of a woven fabric (100% cotton), though it can be made from knits as well. The waistband is made of jersey fabric, but the pattern also has an option for a woven waistband. I love this combination of woven for the culotte and knit for the top. It allowed me to make new fabric combinations from the fabrics in my stash. Sometimes I need a lot of time to decide on fabric combinations, but this time I had made three combinations in less than ten minutes. As I also wanted to use the third fabric combination, so I decided to make another set:

For this set I made the skirt with a woven waistband in knee length. The skirt twirls so has been approved by Miss SieBe! She prefers to wear the top on the skirt instead of in it. I think I don’t, but at least it shows the beautiful high/low hemline of the top!

And, last but not least, I made a longsleeve and, in that way, already started with Miss SieBe’s fall wardrobe. The curved hemline comes into its own best when worn on a pair of shorts, jeans, or pants. It is a lovely detail that should not be hidden and that makes from this great basic top pattern something special!

We are definitely a fan of this pattern! The fit is great and I love that it has the possibility to combine fabrics of different structure. Although the twin set is perfect together, the two parts are also great to make separately. For example, the top can be combined with ready-to-wear shorts or jeans, and the culotte with other tops. I have already many more combinations in mind and only my limited sewing time can keep me away from making those.

Are you also enthusiastic? You can buy your own copy of the pattern here*:


The pattern is for sale until July 25 05.59 CET.

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