Meet the Blue-Denia

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This blog is about a dress that I already made in the beginning of the summer. I already told in my previous blog post that I am getting behind with blogging. But this dress, the Blue-Denia, is too cute not to show here. It is a mash of two patterns from Sageville Patterns*: the Gardenia* Dress, which I tested in the beginning of July, and the Bluebird*, the first pattern I tested for them. I love how it turned out. I was planning on having my blog ready when the blog about it on the website of Sageville Patterns was published. I did not manage to, because that was the first day of my holiday, and the days before I was packing.

Actually, the timing of the present blog post is not bad right now, for this dress is perfect for the cooler summer days and warm days in autumn, so good to make in this time of the year, at least in my part of the world. So, as I already told above, this pattern mash is published on the blog of Sageville Patterns. Isn’t that cool? That’s why I won’t place a tutorial here, but only a link to their blog, because all I did to create this look is explained there! Click here* to go to the blog post about the Blue-Denia. But don’t forget to come back here ;).

The Blue-Denia combines the maxi length dress and the colorblock godets from the Gardenia with the body with sleeves and a hood from the Bluebird. You can, of course, vary on this hack by making the dress with longsleeves, or using the crew neckline from the Bluebird instead of the hood. Or you might like the knee length dress better than the maxi. And it also works for the adults sizes of course! It is all up to you! Only thing you need are both patterns. Nice to know: In the blog post of Sageville Patterns is a discount code you can use, should you not have either or both of these patterns yet!

We’ve made the pictures on the beach as you can see. I loved to see Miss SieBe playing in this dress with the sand and shells. I was a bit worried that a maxi dress would hinder her, but the length didn’t seem to bother her at all. She moved elegantly in her dress as she has always worn maxi dresses.

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