Get creative with colorblocking

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A new kids pattern has released from Ellie & Mac: the Colorblock Tie Top*! I tested this pattern for Little Mr SieBe, but also made one for Miss SieBe. This pattern features a colorblocked bodice, with optional pocket, optional tie, and three sleeve lengths, which all can be either cuffed or hemmed.

For Little Mr SieBe I made the shirt with a pocket, and long cuffed sleeves. I chose to rotate the fabric for the pocket. For Miss SieBe I made the version with the tie and long hemmed sleeves. The facing of the tie part I made in purple, like the upper part and the sleeves. The green fabric is the same in both shirts, so they kind of match.

I love colorblocking, although it can be challenging to decide whether fabrics go together well and if it will turn out as intended. For the shirt of Miss SieBe, I first cut the upper part and sleeves in pink, but changed my mind and made it purple. Since I already had those parts in pink, I looked for matching fabric, and cut another shirt for her, which I still have to sew.

Do you also like colorblocking? Or do you think it is hard? If you like it, this is the perfect pattern for you! And if you doubt about it, this is also a perfect pattern to give it a try, since it doesn’t cost too much fabric and the colorblocking is quite straightforward with this shirt. I think almost every seamstress has some nice scraps, which are too small for a whole shirt, but that you don’t want to throw away. So get creative and colorblock!

Although it doesn’t look like it, Little Mr SieBe is just as happy with his new shirt as his sister is with hers. Only he was too tired to smile here.

The Colorblok Tie Top is on release sale until September 20. You can buy the pattern here*.

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