Going classic with Wesley and Arthur

The Dutch Pattern Farm has released two patterns: the Wesley Shirt and the Arthur Jeans. I tested these patterns, and love the result! It was a challenge, because it was my first try on such patterns. If it wasn’t for a pattern test with a deadline I don’t know if I would have tried the jeans, but I am happy I did and expanded my sewing skills.

Both patterns are designed for denim, but it is also possible to use other fabrics of course. I recycled the old jeans of my husband for the Arthur, and used cotton for the Wesley. I wasn’t the only one who was challenged by Arthur, also my sewing machine had a hard time with alle the layers of jeans, especially when sewing the belt loops. 🙂

Both patterns have lovely classical details: Arthur has everything a classical jeans has: front pockets, back pockets, a coinpocket, a fly, and belt loops. The back waistband has elastic in it, and the pattern includes an optional side pocket, and a knee-length version.

Wesley has a classic collar, long sleeves with a pleat, and cuffs with a slanted cut at the slit. On the front the shirt has yokes, a button closure, and two optional pockets. On the back the shirt has a yoke as well and a pleat in the center.

These are lovely patterns, and perfect for those who are experienced or want to be challenged. The instructions, which include pictures for each step, are really helpful for the latter group.

Needless to say the patterns go well together. Oh, and they are nice for girls as well! The patterns are available on the website of The Dutch Pattern Farm:

Arthur: https://www.thedutchpatternfarm.com/product-page/arthur-jeans
Wesley: https://www.thedutchpatternfarm.com/product-page/wesley-shirt

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