Clavo: Slim fit jogger with stripe

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A few months after the Cessatio, Sofilantjes* has released a new joggers pattern, again starting with the letter ‘C’: The Clavo*. And again, this pattern is perfect for both boys and girls! I tested this pattern and would like to tell you everything about it. I tested the pattern for Miss SieBe, and made her three, of which I will show two. I made also one for Little Mr SieBe, which I will show as well.

This slim fit jogger has a characteristic side stripe, which can be made in various ways: as a plain stripe, a ruffled stripe, or with an extra, colorblocked stripe on top. It is possible to make the first two in the same fabric or with a different fabric and a colorblock effect. The pattern features optional frontpockets, two backpocket options, the colorblocked pocket and the large pocket. The pattern has an optional faux fly, and, last but not least, many more variations are possible and discussed in the ‘tip’ section of the instructions. In that way, you can make the jogger of your personal preference, just like you and your child like it.

Out of all these options, I made for my daughter first two joggers with the ruffled stripe and colorblocked backpocket, all in the same color though. This is the second one I made her. I combined it with the Amicis* top.

After two Clavo’s with ruffled stripe, I wanted to make her something different, so I chose to make the plain stripe, but with an extra layer of lace on it. I still liked the colorblocked pocket best for her, and, unlike the previous two, I chose to make the jogger with front pockets. As a variation on the pattern, I folded the cuffs. I made Miss SieBe a Sylva* to wear on top in the same color and lace, and with her favorite color pink in it. Last year, blue was still her favorite color, and I still love it for her for clothes. So I think this is a good compromise.

Now comes the Clavo I made Little Mr SieBe. I love that one just as much as the girly ones of Miss SieBe. It shows that the pattern is so versatile, that completely different looks can be created. I made this Clavo from a stretch jeans fabric. Although it is a slim fitting jogger and the pattern is drafted for French Terry with at least 30% stretch, this worked well, because my fabric was very stretchy for stretch jeans. I made the stripe from the same fabric, so it doesn’t stand out, but from close by it is just a nice detail. I made the large backpockets this time. Above his Clavo, Little Mr SieBe wears a Cessim* shirt.

The following pictures show a few details and adjustments I made to this Clavo: I added a button, and did not use the pocket band. Instead, I used framilon in the seam of the front pockets. I did not use the leg cuffs, but lengthened the jogger and folded it over to the outside. And I added decorative stitching on the large backpockets. With all these adjustments, the jogger has a real jeanslook.

All in all, this pattern is versatile and great for both boys and girls. Some more pics of the two together to round off:

The Clavo is on sale until December 21, 08.00 CET for €5,51 – ex taxes, no code needed.

Dutch – *
English – *
French – *

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