Flora Flared Pants

How shall I start this post? What can I say? The Flora Flared Pants* is just: wow! It released together with the Stricta Skinny Jogger* (see my previous post!) from Sofilantjes*. I helped in the test of this one as well. I have made two Flora’s thus far. The only reason I didn’t make more is a lack of time; Miss SieBe has already ordered her next one.

Of course, I will tell you eveything about all the options of the Flora in this post. And I will show my pictures, because pictures tell more than words can do :). BUT, there is a little problem. I did not yet take pics of one of the two Flora’s. That’s a pity, but I will take and add them asap. So, just come back later today. I have only flat lays of one of the Flora’s, since Miss SieBe is not feeling well, and doesn’t feel like posing. I hope to make and add them later.

The Flora has two main options: the flared version, and the bootcut version, which I made both. It has optional front pockets, and a faux fly, a normal and a button waistband, high and low yoke, and two backpocket options, which also can be combined. The pattern includes pattern parts for pocket facing and belt loops as an add-on. In the tip section in the instructions more variations on the pattern can be found.

To my surprise Miss SieBe prefered the flared version from the start. She told that some of her friends in school have flared pants too. So that’s the one I made first.

For the second one, I didn’t ask her opinion first, but just made the bootcut version. The fabric I used wasn’t enough for the flared one, so there was no discussion anyway. Fortunately, she liked that one too! I made it out of stretch denim fabric. It was kind of an experiment in the test, since the pattern is originally drafted for French Terry, but it worked out well! Important is, when choosing this type of fabric, that it has enough stretch. The required amount is at least 30%.

I chose for stretch jeans because Miss SieBe didn’t have a single pair of jeans anymore that still fitted. That’s probably because I didn’t buy her any pants anymore since I make almost all her clothes, and I didn’t dare to start on a pair of jeans for her. When I made a pair of jeans for Little Mr SieBe, I found out how much work that is, and that my sewing machine wasn’t very happy with thick layers of denim fabric. This experience was different, because the Flora isn’t as complicated as a regular jeans, and my fabric wasn’t as thick. An elastic waistband and faux fly are a lot easier than the way classic jeans are constructed. So I think this will be my to go pattern for jeans for her from now on. I might make her another one soon, or later this year, when temperatures will drop again.

I have made the fake backpockets with a button. I chose the high yoke, and for the front pockets I used the facing, instead of topstitching the pocket to the pants. I used a decorative stich on a few parts, and added belt loops.

I combined the Flora with the Gemma* Top, which I made already back in September. It had to wait months for the hem, and the matching skirt I planned to sew, still isn’t there. I am glad that I found a new purpose for it, before she would outgrow it. The rainbow is my very first screen print. I will write about screen printing in one of my following blogs.

The other Flora is the flaired version. I combined it with the Permeo* Shirt, that I hacked to have a round neckline. A very simple and quick shirt, because the Flora is the eye-catcher!

I chose the same backpockets as on the other Flora, because they are simply my favorite! I made regular front pockets, the faux fly, and the normal waistband.

The Flora Flared Pants is on sale until March 22, 8.00 CET for EUR 5,51 ex taxes. So only for a short time still! The pattern is available in three languages.

English – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/flora-flared-pants-english/?affiliates=280 *

Nederlands – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/flora-flared-broek-nederlands/?affiliates=280 *

Français – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/pantalon-a-jambe-evasee-flora-francais/?affiliates=280 *

I hope you will enjoy this pattern as much as we do! You are always welcome to follow me on Instagram (@siebesew), or to subscribe to my blog!

This post contains affiliate links, indicated by an *. If you click on these links and purchase an article, you support my sewing hobby without paying anything extra.

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