Fabiën: A new jumpsuit for the little ones

Sofilantjes* released a new baby pattern: The Fabiën Jumpsuit*. This is the second jumpsuit from Sofilantjes. The other one is Stella*, about which I wrote in this and this post. It will be hard for any new jumpsuit to beat the enormous popularity and reputation of Stella, but I think Fabiën is a good competitor! At first, I thought I would not write a blog post about it, because I didn’t test it on a model, but now I decided it is too cute not to pay attention to it here.

The most obvious difference between the two jumpsuit patterns is the closure and neckline. Fabiën has a binded neckline, and an asymmetrical binded snap closure from the top until the legband, where Stella closes in the center front with snaps, and has a neckband. Another difference is the short sleeve option that Fabiën has. That’s the one I made. The longsleeve option has bands as well.

I can’t say anything about the fit myself, but the examples from other testers show that it fits very well. The ‘egg part’ at the bottom helps to give it a nice fit, and the bands keep the sleeves and legs well in place. I doubted to sew one for Little Mr SieBe, because he still fits in the size range (NB – 2T / 50 – 92) and it would make very cute pajamas. In the ended I decided not to do it, because it would not be very practical, since he doesn’t wear diapers anymore. So I chose to make a small size (3M / 62) as a baby gift.

It might look like it is hard to sew, but it isn’t. Once the binding is on, it is a very quick sew. If you’re lucky enough to have a coverstitch machine with a binding attachment, it is even more simple, I heared. But I am still saving for that! The most time consuming part were the snaps! I am not a big fan of attaching snaps, but I have to admit, they are essential on baby clothes, and easy to use.

The pattern comes in three languages and is on sale this weekend (-43%!), so this is the time to get it:

Nederlands – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/fabien-jumpsuit-nederlands/?affiliates=280 *

English – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/fabien-jumpsuit-english/?affiliates=280 *

French – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product-category/baby-pdf/pdf-francais/?affiliates=280 *

I hope you will enjoy sewing this pattern as much as I do! You are always welcome to follow me on Instagram (@siebesew), or to subscribe to my blog below!

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