Amicis: A friendly fitting pattern

Sofilantjes* released a new pattern, well, not totally new, since this pattern already exists in children’s sizes*, but now the Amicis* is available for adults too! I got the chance to sew this great pattern before the release. I sewed two up until now, but will show only the first one, since I don’t have pics yet of the second one. Something with a child that hides important notions on top of a high mirror… yes, he is only three years old. Fortunately, the five-year-old told me where it was after I asked, and after I searched a whole evening.

Back to the Amicis. This pattern comes in four lengths: top, tunic, knee length dress, and midi dress. Three sleeve lengths are featured: short, half, and long, all cuffed. I have first made the top length with short sleeves, looking forward to warmer temperatures. The back has a center seam for optimal fit, because this pattern is meant to be fitted to the body. This might sound scary when you rather hide certain parts of your body, but I must say that the pattern still is very friendly: It doesn’t hide everything, but it shows bodies in all sizes in a beautiful way. Perhaps that’s where the name comes from: Amicis comes from the Latin word amicus, which means friend. Look at the pictures on the website* and in the Sofilantjes Sew and Show group on Facebook to see how flattering it is

Of course, as with all patterns, but maybe even a little bit more with this one, it is important to measure meticulously and adapt the pattern according to your measurements. This is all explained in the instructions. My measurements fall in three different sizes, the largest being three sizes bigger than the smallest, and I had to do a FBA, so I had quite some work at this point. But once you have the right pattern, you can use it over and over again. That’s a good thing with this pattern, because it is absolutely a wardrobe staple for all seasons!

I already told that the back center seam is helpful for the best fit and, therefore, I wouldn’t want to miss it. However, it is impossible to match most motives on fabrics. I don’t really like that, so I tend to use solids or fabrics with rather small motives for patterns with a back center seam, but I found another ‘solution’: a band to hide the seam and the uneven matching sides. It not only hides, but also adds a nice little extra detail.

That’s it for now I think. As I told, I have made a second one. And …. a matching one for Miss SieBe! Hope to post about those dresses soon! Stay tuned!

The release sale will run through May 11, 00.00 CET (6 pm CET). The pattern is on sale for €6,50 – excl taxes, no code needed.

Dutch: *

English: *

French: *

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