RAWR! Be Careful, a Dinosaur Nobilis!

Today I am writing about something I really like, but usually do not take time for: use my own creativity to make something unique. I hacked the Nobilis* pattern from Sofilantjes*. At first, I found this pattern cute, but not especially so for my own children. Then, it appeared to me that it would be a perfect pattern to hack for costumes. The low crotch, not my favorite for daily wear – I don’t know why -, is perfect for an animal costume!

So I decided to give it a try and made a dinosaur costume for Little Mr SieBe. We have quite some costumes at home, but most of it is princess-related and owned by his big sister. Although he wears these skirts and dresses now and then, I think the costume box can be more varied for more playing fun.

I’d like to explain in this blog how I made the dinosaur costume. First, I searched for inspiration pics on the internet. This helped me to decide what the costume should look like and what elements I had to add to the original pattern. I added a hood with eyes, a mouth and teeth, spikes, a colorblock on the front, and a tail. Because of the hood I had to add a zipper for Little Mr SieBe to be able to take on and off the jumpsuit. I sized up for several reasons. First, so that it would fit over normal clothes, and second because I think he should not outgrow it too fast. I don’t have time to undertake such a big project often. I made it two sizes larger in width, and one size longer than his size according to the size table. It is still an experiment, so I see some points of improvement.

Colorblock and arm cuffs

I added a colorblock to the front. I drew this myself and made sure to add seam allowance to both parts. I sewed them together, pressed it and continued with assembling. I added cuffs to the sleeves. In that way, I could make them a bit longer, to allow some growing room.

Hood and zipper

I used the hood of the Cicero* jacket, also by Sofilantjes. I drew the neckline of the Cicero on the Nobilis, so that the hood would fit well. I used the instructions for the zipper as well from the Cicero. Only at the bottom it was a bit different, since I used a non-divisible zipper instead of the divisible zipper that is required by Cicero. To make it work, I sewed in the zipper before sewing the inside leg seam. Instead of cutting one piece on the fold, I cut the front piece two times mirrorred, adding seam allowance at the side of the zipper.

Mouth with teeth and eyes

The inside of the hood I made red, the color of the inside of the mouth. I added a mouth piece I drew myself to the hood (between the inner and outer hood pieces). For more stability, I added 5 mm thick interfacing to the mouth piece. For the teeth, which I sewed between this mouth piece, and the eyes I used white and black.

Spikes and tail

I made three rows of spikes: four on the hood, five on the back and four on the tail. I drew this piece myself. For each row, I cut out two pieces and reinforced them both with heavy fusible interfacing. Then, I sewed the pieces right sides together leaving the bottom open. I trimmed back the corners, and turned it right sides out. For each spike I cut a triangle of the 5 mm thick interfacing, and put it on the inside of the spikes. Those rows I sewed in between the two outside hood pieces, the back, and the tail. For the back I cut two pieces mirrorred instead of one on fold. I added seam allowance to the centre back. The tail I drew myself, two mirrored pieces, sewed it right sides together, with the spikes in between, left it open on the top, turned it right side out and filled it with the material you can use for teddies and cushions. The tail I sewed in between the two back pieces at the very bottom.

It is not perfect, for example I am not so happy with how the tail turned out, since the spikes fall down to one side instead of staying up. However, I am quite satisfied with the total result on this first try. If you have any tips or know tricks to make it better next time, I’d love to hear them. Please leave a comment below (can also be in Dutch or another language).

Little Mr SieBe loves to scare his grandparents, aunts, and uncles in his new costume, so I think it is a success.

Only a few days are left to get this pattern (and a few others) for less than usual. So if you feel inspired and want to get creative to and create your own costume, this is your chance! The pattern comes in three languages: English*, Dutch*, and French*. Click on the language of your preference and you will be directed to the pattern on the website. I can’t wait to see what costumes you will create! I already received an order for another jumpsuit: a Unicorn costume for Miss SieBe.

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