Preparing for winter with the Brooklynn Scarf

The trees in front of our appartment block, that color beautifully red in autumn, have lost almost all of their leaves. Temperatures drop, especially in the early morning when we head to school and work. Time for warm and cozy clothes! The release of the Brooklynn Triangle Scarf by the new designer Fab For You Patterns couldn’t come at a better moment. Yvette from Fab For You is not new to designing  ̶ I have tested for her before  ̶ , but now she has her own pattern company. I was very excited to test for her again. I am testing more of her patterns, two other will release very soon, so stay tuned!

The Brooklynn scarf can be made out of any fabric you like. Choose thick and warm fabrics for winter or thinner fabrics for other seasons. I made this one out of viscose jersey (black with flowers), and minky fleece (pink). Both were small scraps I liked, but didn’t know what to do with. The closing of the scarf is totally up to you. I chose for a snap in the shape of a heart (always a winner!). What I like most about this pattern is that it is different from the scarfs I know.

Snap closure

The pattern includes kids and adult sizes. It is on sale for a week (50% off):

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