Going raglan with the Potens Sweater

NB: Edited to change pictures of the option C sweater of Little Mr SieBe.

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A new pattern released from Sofilantjes*, and it is a raglan: the Potens Sweater*! When I saw the tester call I didn’t hesitate and immediately applied. I was very happy that I was chosen to test this pattern, not in the last place because I love raglans! That is not because they are easy to sew, but because they are great to colorblock the sleeves, without risking a pajama look. Speaking of colorblocking, this pattern is MADE for colorblocking, since there are no less than four front bodice options! Perfect for small scraps, mixing and matching fabric, and going creative. The colorblock option on the longsleeve makes its possibilities to vary complete.

For the first test round I was assigned option D, the most complicated one with the lightning. This is also my favorite for Little Mr SieBe. For the second version I liked to make option C for variation. A lightning top is great, but you don’t need to wear one every day. 😉 It makes a nice combination with his Clavo jogger*.

For the final version I made him again an option D. I thought it would be nice to do one regular longsleeve and one colorblocked, for an extra accent.

I thought it would be nice to make Miss SieBe a Potens Sweater as well. She didn’t like option D, so I made her an option C in the same blue color as her brothers sweater, but with different accent colors: her favorite colors red and pink. Isn’t it fun, that thus far I only used solids? The pattern doesn’t need special fabric for a special effect.

I made pictures last weekend, when it snowed. A perfect setting for photographing, but unfortunately the children didn’t like the cold. Especially the youngest could not be motivated to smile.

He only wanted to go inside again as quickly as possible. So that is what we did. They were much happier. Hot chocolate helped a lot to make them forget the cold. 😊

I am not done yet with this pattern. I already made a version A and have a few more plannend. To complete the collection, I also want to try option B once. Which one are you going to make first?

The pattern is on sale this weekend for €6,50 – excl taxes, no code needed.

Dutch –  https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/potens-sweater-nederlands/?affiliates=280 *

English – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/potens-sweater-english/?affiliates=280 *

French – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/haut-potens-francais/?affiliates=280 *

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