Sofilantjes* released a new sweater pattern: Fortuna*. The front of this sweater has a characteristic colorblock, and it has two options for the back, one of which includes the option of adding side seam pockets. The sweater is finished with bands at the neckline, sleeves, and bottom. Perfect for those who don’t like to hem. Sleeves come in short, long, and long colorblock options.

I have made both Miss SieBe and Little Mr SieBe a Fortuna sweater. I chose almost all the options, except for the short sleeves, because we don’t need them for the coming winter season. For Miss SieBe I made option A bodice and option A sleeves, for Little Mr SieBe I chose the B options.

The difference between the two views is most noticeable at the back, where option B has an off center seam, and option A no vertical seam. Because only option A has side seams, pockets are only possible with this option.

I finished the sweater for Miss SieBe first. When I showed her the sweater for her brother later, she immediately said: That is the same pattern as mine! And later she asked: Can we make pictures together? That wasn’t an easy job, because despite she asked for it, she wasn’t very cooperating.

Her brother on the other hand, never posed as well as this time. Spontaneously, he put his hands on his hips, showing his cool sweater. I have never asked him to do so. That was very funny! His outfit is completed with a Beatum*. Good to know: I will host a give away of the Beatum pattern on Instagram in the coming days.

This is the second sweater I made Little Mr SieBe with these fabrics. A little more than a year ago, I made him a Velocitas*, but that one has become too small. He is going to miss the hood of that sweater though!

For Miss SieBe, I chose a different style. The center colorblock part, I made with a lace overlay, and I added zippers to the pockets. In this post I explain how I did this. With the sweater, she is wearing her Flora* that I made during the test of that pattern. She has grown in between, so it is a bit short now.

I did not make them both a Fortuna in the same color for the reason to match, but it was simply the fabric I had that coordinated best both with the lace and the skateboards fabric. The bands are in different colors: black for Little Mr SieBe, and navy for Miss SieBe.

The Fortuna Sweater is on sale from Friday, November 19, 00.00 CET (November 18, 6 pm EST) through November 23 00.00 CET (November 22, 6 pm CET) for €5,51 excl EU taxes (€6,67 incl). The pattern is available in English*, Dutch*, and French*.

Stay tuned for a give away of the Beatum pattern on my Instagram (Follow me: @siebesew)! You are also welcome to subscribe to my blog below, if you don’t want to miss my future blog posts. And don’t forget to check out my post about the zippers of course!

This post contains affiliate links, indicated by an *. If you click on these links and purchase an article, you support my sewing hobby without paying anything extra.

2 thoughts on “Fortuna

  1. I love both of these Fortuna versions! They look so cute together! ❤️
    I see that it is possible to win the Beatum, I would love to make a chance on that 😀 (IG j_neroni)


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