Tutorial: Lettuce Scrunchie

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My second blog post is a tutorial. I designed a special type of scrunchie: the lettuce scrunchie!


This scrunchie is perfect to combine with, what is called, a lettuce, or curly, hemmed skirt or dress. I like this way of hemming circleskirts, and I used it recently for several garments I made for Miss SieBe. When I thought of a matching hair accessory, the idea for this scrunchie came into my mind. I tried it out, and it worked! In this tutorial I show you how you could make one yourself!

My first lettuce scrunchie I made to match with the Gemini skirt* of Sofilantjes:


The lettuce scrunchie I made for this tutorial is meant to be worn with the Festum dress* (Sofilantjes) I made Miss SieBe in November.

Materials you need:

– ca. 40 x 21 cm jersey with two coloured sides (you will see part of the back side)
– thread in a coordinating colour and thread in a contrasting colour (if you like!)
– 6 mm wide elastic
– a regular sewing machine and preferably also a serger
– stretch or ballpoint needles
– pins
– safety pin


1. Cut the fabric in two strips, one of 40 x 12 cm and one of 40 x 9 cm.


2. Set your serger up for a rolled hem. Make a rolled hem on the long sides of the strips, right side up, while you pull on the fabric to create the curl. If you like to use thread with a contrasting colour, use this thread at least in your upper looper. You could also use the contrast colour for all three threads. Then, the result will be even better. I used multi-colour thread for this scrunchie, and since I had only one bobbin, I used it only for my upper looper. I could better have used matching coloured thread in the right needle and the lower looper, but since I didn’t either for the circleskirt the scrunchie will be worn with, I think it is ok.
It is possible to do this step on a regular sewing machine, but I have no experience with that.


It should now look like this:


3. Put the small strip on the wide one, so that the right sides of the fabric are both up. Now fold over, right sides together:

Pin in place:


4. Sew the ends together. It will look like this (if you used a serger):


5. Finish the threads. Turn the scrunchie right-side-out, then fold it over wrong sides together, and pin in place:


6. Sew with a small zigzag stitch, or any stretch stitch of your preference, at 2,5 cm from the fold, but leave ca. 3 cm open to put the elastic through.


7. Put the elastic in the scrunchie. Use a safety pin to guide the elastic through the scrunchie. Knot the two ends of the elastic together.


8. Close the opening, and finish the threads. You’re almost done now. Sew a few stitches down on two sides of the seam. In this way you won’t see the inside seam:


9. Now you’re done! Match the scrunchie with your favorite lettuce hemmed circleskirt! Next time you might want to try out different colours, metallic thread, or a single layered lettuce scrunchie. More than 2 layers will become too thick, I think, or you should use very thin fabric.

If you’ve made a lettuce scrunchie too, I would love to see it! Use #lettucescrunchie and #siebesew on Instagram.


Did you like this post? Or do you have any comments, questions, remarks, ideas, etc.? Please let me know in the comments! I welcome comments in any language, but for languages other than English, Dutch, and German, I am dependent on automatic translation 😉.

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