Anna Apron

The Anna Apron has released yesterday! A few weeks ago I found on instagram a testers call for this pattern of The Dutch Pattern Farm. I had not heard of this designer before, but I loved the vintage style, so I decided to apply for the test. I was happy that I heard that I could join! I made the short version of the apron for Miss SieBe. The other option is the full length version, which is also lovely! Miss SieBe is between sizes 92/98 and 104/110. To give her some room to grow, I made her the larger size.

The Anna Apron, short version

The apron has four pocket options, from which I made two: the pocket in the centre and the heart-shaped pockets. Besides, one could vary with the ruffles: one, two, or none. This is also the case for the ruffles on the shoulders of the full length version.

I love the heart-shaped pockets!

The apron closes with ribbons in the back:

I love the vintage style of this apron, though I didn’t make or buy clothes in this style before. Therefore, it was not so easy to find a dress to go with the apron for the pictures. The Anna Apron has released together with the Daisy Dress. These patterns are a perfect combo, but since I was not testing the Daisy Dress, making this dress was not option for me.

When searching for the best matching dress I saw this blue-and-white fabric on my sewing desk (uhm… dinner table), ready to become mommy-and-me dresses and knew that would probably be the best matching fabric I had. Therefore, I made the girls dress first. However, to make sure I would have enough fabric for the larger parts of the dress for myself, I had to cut my dress as well, before I could start to sew the one for Miss SieBe, but I finished it all well in time. Soon I hope to publish a blog post on our twinning Regina dresses (from Sofilantjes), because my own dress is finished as well now. Only have to take some nice pictures!

Sneak peek of the mommy-and-me Regina dresses

I love the combination of the red-and-white of the apron and the blue-and-white of the dress. And my model loves it too! She especially liked the ribbons in her hair though. She said: I am feeling so happy when I wear them!

It was really nice to sew and test the Anna Apron. The pattern comes with detailed instructions, size tables, and printing in layers. Nice detail: you can choose to print with or without seam allowance! Do you also like this style? Make sure to take a look at the website of the Dutch Pattern Farm and check the full length Anna Apron as well as the Daisy Dress. These new patterns are now on sale for -50%.


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