Risu or Risias

The Risu Dress* from Sofilantjes. I fell immediately in love with this dress when I first saw it. It is so stylish! It took some time before I finally started sewing it, but I did. Although I like the skirt of the Risu, I thought that the skirt of the Ferias would be a good match too with the Risu bodice. And I expected that this combination would be nice on Miss SieBe. So I created the Risias. What do you think, was I right?

She loves the dress. Despite blue isn’t her favorite color anymore, she still likes it for clothes. I am happy with that because it looks good on her, with her blue eyes, which she is hiding now behind her sunglasses.

The back is eye-catching, but also the front neckline is special! Love those details. I made the dress with short sleeves, but it also has 3/4 and long sleees as option.

I love that almost all Sofilantjes dresses allow to exchange the skirts. I would love to try out the Risu skirt too, perhaps combined with the bodice of another dress. I might choose for Ferias, and combine it the other way around, but I might decide otherwise. We’ll see. Suggestions and inspirational pics are always welcome.

Find the Risu here in (click on your language of preference): Dutch*, English*, French*.

Risu is now on sale, as is the Montis*. I’ve made a Montis last year, and I might make one this year also. Or combine its bodice with the Risu skirt. We’ll see. 😉

I hope you will enjoy the pattern and I would love to see how you combine the bodice or the skirt with those of other Sofilantjes dresses! You are always welcome to follow me on Instagram (@siebesew), or to subscribe to my blog below!

This post contains affiliate links, indicated by an *. If you click on these links and purchase an article, you support my sewing hobby without paying anything extra.

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